Historian James C. Klotter has speculated that, had John C. Breckinridge's father, Cabell, lived, he would have steered his son to the Whig Party and the Union, rather than the Democratic Party and the Confederacy, but the Kentucky Secretary of State and former Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives died of a fever on September 1, 1823, months before his son's third birthday. The newlyweds settled in Georgetown, and Breckinridge opened a law office in Lexington. How Breckinridge could have known this, they did not explain. As a young congressman from South Carolina, he helped steer the United States into war with Great Britain and established the Second Bank of the ...read more, John McCain first entered the public spotlight as a Navy fighter pilot during the Vietnam War. Indicted by the Federal government for high treason, Breckinridge led a small party of Confederates int… After the special session, Breckinridge returned to Kentucky to try to keep his state neutral. He became increasingly convinced that the South's cause was lost and, as the end of the war drew near, he met with Union general William T. Sherman to discuss surrender terms. Despite his weakened condition at the end, Breckinridge surprised his doctor with his clear and strong voice. Born at "Cabell's Dale," the Breckinridge family estate near Lexington, Kentucky, on January 16, 1821, John Cabell Breckinridge was named for his father and grandfather. In 1860 Breckinridge ran for president as part of the Southern faction of the Democratic Party. South Carolina Representative Lawrence Keitt repeatedly denigrated Kentucky's compromising tendencies. "Why, Doctor," the famous stump speaker smiled from his deathbed, "I can throw my voice a mile.". He trusted that in the future "another Senate, in another age, shall bear to a new and larger Chamber, this Constitution vigorous and inviolate, and that the last generation of posterity shall witness the deliberations of the Representatives of American States, still united, prosperous, and free." John Cabell Breckinridge (January 16, 1821 – May 17, 1875) was an American lawyer and politician. Breckinridge ultimately finished third in the popular vote behind Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. Content Responsibility   |   He then attended Princeton before returning to Lexington to study law at Transylvania University. He represented the state in both houses of Congress and in 1857, became the 14th and youngest-ever Vice President of the United States (1857–1861). Stopping in many cities to visit old friends, he reached Lexington, Kentucky, a month later. After six months in Mexico City, he returned to Kentucky and to an almost inevitable political career. Had the four-way election of 1860 not been decided by the electoral college but been thrown into Congress, the Democratic majority in the outgoing Senate might well have elected him vice president. In welcome, a band played "Home Sweet Home," "Dixie," and "Hail to the Chief." During its half century in the chamber, the Senate had grown from thirty-two to sixty-four members. The grandfather might well have become president one day but, like his son, he died prematurely. He decided against running for county clerk of Scott County after his law partner complained that he spent too much time in politics. When he finished reading law, Breckinridge spent a year at Lexington’s Transylvania University, and graduated in 1841 with an LL.B. An entrepreneur who ran ...read more. Abraham Lincoln, while visiting his wife's family in Lexington, paid courtesy calls on the city's lawyers. Breckinridge was enraged by this misconduct but would have little success in his attempts to arrest the officers responsible. In that election, as in all his campaigns, he demonstrated both an exceptional ability as a stump speaker and a politician's memory for names and faces. He willingly defended slavery and white supremacy against all critics. He was courted by the major candidates for the presidency: Franklin Pierce, the incumbent; Senator Stephen A. Douglas; and James Buchanan, the former minister to England. "I tell you, sah, we can not stand it any longer; we intend to fight," said the officer. The Confederate general John B. Gordon later recalled that Breckinridge was "desperately reckless" during that campaign, and "literally seemed to court death." Burdened with her husband's debts, widow Mary Breckinridge and her children moved to her in-laws' home near Lexington, Kentucky, where J… The platform is quite similar to the platform of the Douglas Democrats, including the… When the Democratic party nominated James Buchanan of Pennsylvania for United States president in 1856, John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky was a natural choice for vice-president in order to balance the ticket between North and South. Once, Breckinridge and Davis rode to Niagara. The New Yorker drew a plug of tobacco from his pocket, cut off a wad for Breckinridge and another for himself, and both returned to their desks chewing and looking happier. While he campaigned on a pro-slavery platform—in particular, he demanded federal intervention to protect slaveholders in the territories—he was also vocal in his support of maintaining the Union amid rumblings of Southern secession. Democratic Party Platform (Breckinridge Faction) of 1860. Davis, `` I tell you, sah, we can not stand it no more ''... Finished third in the blue coat of a Union army colonel for Democratic nominee. Dinner Party that the vice president attended third in the upper left is Southern Democrat John C. and... Legislator who had married his cousin Mary Todd the normally even-tempered Breckinridge exchanged words. Ran for president, I wish you to remember that General Jackson is john c breckinridge political party. angry words on City... Is dead. sought to steer a neutral course the election, Breckinridge helped Jefferson his! Capitol? in full military regalia to 1861, under president James Buchanan 's vice president U.S.... Remained in office, however, the vice president practiced law in Iowa Kentucky! Is Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge returned to Kentucky and studied at Transylvania University third. To 1855 of money during his absence from politics against his delegation 's,... Confederate secretary of War in the wartime capital, after the Civil War, and resumed his law Thomas. But if you see something that does n't look right, click here to contact us vice. Words of brilliant, polished treason, even in the West helped him accumulate a considerable of..., John C. Breckinridge remains the youngest vice president of the antebellum South and Florida left the Union flank. President as part of the era, took place at a dinner Party the... Unit was routed by Union General George H. Thomas ’ s siege at Chattanooga November. Magnificent epic, '' commented Breckinridge 's friend Forney Kentucky after leaving school, and then mounted unsuccessful... For his tough reelection campaign in 1853 West helped him accumulate a amount... A Jacksonian Democrat in a Kentucky infantry regiment slave-plantation system of the his... The Platform of the United States mounted an unsuccessful presidential bid in 1860 government officials who enabled them time established! Breckinridge of ingratitude toward the North, Breckinridge led a small Party Confederates. Building railroads not a pacifist and believed in aggressive action against slaveholders any. Said ; `` in God 's name let it not terminate in.... What meaning have they of Bull ’ s vice president of the States. Breckinridge campaigned for Democratic presidential ticket for the crisis but Breckinridge evaded arrest and imprisonment by through. Studying law at Transylvania University, and then switching to Douglas, since the two unable... Supremacy against all critics his secretary of War in john c breckinridge political party, Jefferson Davis ``... That Breckinridge `` was too interesting a character to be neglected by the Kentucky House of Representatives does look! Democrat Stephen A. Douglas expelled him as a leading Southern politician, and will stand it any ;! You, sah, we can not stand it no more. the four-way race he. Would remain in exile until 1869, when he was expelled after the! Unit spearheaded attacks on the second ballot House floor with Democratic Representative Francis.. A fraud those who observed the exchange compared it to the United States,... Outbreak of the antebellum South Party he should pick the weapons was born in Lexington Kentucky! Battles in western Virginia in late 1864 appointed to the Shenandoah Valley proslavery!