Everyone remembers the first time they were kissed by a kdrama! Min's childhood drawings also has these symbols that resemble the signature. As a parent, the professor's level of irresponsible parenting struck a nerve and he has the gall to accuse said son who is doing all the caregiving in that household as a psychopath? At least I've to finish watching D.O. (Am I making this up? We cut to a mysterious man (Little Bro? The direction got a bit more standard as it went on but by them I was so invested in the story I didn’t notice. She gets his help to decode it, since her previous shot yielded a rather random location in the ocean. One thing I think the drama does that really helps the audience connect with Min is the fact that they never show him actually murdering anyone. I hope they can pull off the romance part because right now it seems that with such a heavy and dark back story (like nightmare and skeletons-in-the-closet kind of 'dark'), I'm not sure how the romance will turn out to be. But maybe I'm wrong :). I love a good mystery. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); ?? It’s a misplaced move by the professor, but one can only imagine the desperation that drove him to such extreme measures. But there are two beds in the room. Was he feel glad that his dad died?! Two prison guards enter our killer Joon-young’s cell ominously, but Joon-young was already calmly expecting them. But Hyun reasons that if infamous serial killer Ted Bundy killed women who looked like his fiancee, it’s no question that this murderer also has a type he was looking for. We don’t know for sure if that would have prevented Min from becoming a killer. :D. Just rewatch the whole episodes as to why she's been stalking him all this time.. We all think tht Min is the monster...Maybe the writers wants us all to think htht way.hmmm....agghhh..cant wait for the next ep.. It makes me curious how they will handle the romance because I'm more invested in the mystery. A drama that revolves around the love and friendship of three high school friends. Did she stalk Hyun all this time hoping that Joonyoung would contact Hyun again? Ji-an’s not a fool, but she’s not the brightest light bulb either, and if he were anyone else, I could totally imagine Hyun facepalming himself all the time at her responses. Both crime scenes had purple flowers. Thnx for the recap. Why did the serial killer leave little Hyun alone and not take him? He cryptically states his one wish — to meet the person who taught him about the concept of a “critical period” in a child’s development. Don’t worry, lots of people connected with Park Bo Gum, lol. Title: 널 기억해 / I Remember You Chinese Title: 我记得你 Previously known as: 크리스마스의 선물 / Christmas Gift Genre: Romance, Family Episodes: 2 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-20 to 2012-Jan-27 Air time: Friday 23:10. 2. The open window made me think of two possibilities, 1. Though, it's a little inexcusable, cos he should've guarded against that. Connect with Facebook 5. Auf welche Faktoren Sie als Kunde bei der Wahl Ihres I remember you kdrama achten sollten! I am, as you know, a sucker for those. Keep it up show, and get even more awesome!!! It’s what made him so menacing because I felt like he could chuck a tantrum and murder somebody at any moment, like a child might break one of their toys in a fit of pique. Hyun approaches his big-shot art director friend to find the artist of the painting, and said friend rips into Hyun for speaking to him casually, even though it was culturally acceptable when they were in America. Something special about this drama is certainly the scenery they used for some scences. I am blown away by the acting from the younger folks, and the cgi in episode 1 was so good as well. There's quite a few good dramas airing and it's been a while I've been drawn to some since Healer. And then, a different recording by Joon-young starts playing: “Hyun, do you remember me being curious about what type of adult you would become? Is there a sub that says Min mentions Joonyoung specifically? Glad you're enjoying this show. ", "are u not curious about what promise I made? // Load the SDK asynchronously He could have came out of the bathroom because he was washing his hands in there to get rid of the blood (that's what I assumed when I first saw the scene). Forget You Remember Love Poster Drama Info:. I hope they keep up the great plot. Excerpts may be used provided that I Remember You had so much going for it, and it really is a great drama that I would definitely recommend. But how did Jian know that Hyun is connected to Joonyoung? Looking forwarad to next week epi. Während Cha Ji An (Jang Nara), eine Spitzenermittlerin, und ihre Kollegen den jüngste Tatort untersuchen, erscheint der mysteriöse Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) und erschließt aus dem Schauplatz unmittelbar die kennzeichnenden Eigenschaften des Killers. It just lacked one thing though: Kdrama romance. I love reading all the drama-watcher theories in here. Ji-an. This drama is turning out to be much better than expected. All we have to begin with are roles and job titles, which are in a sense labels too... police, profiler, forensics expert, team leader, mother, murderer, psychopath .... but do these tell us much about identity? The way he collapsed gratefully into his hyung taking care of him re-enforced this: like his behaviour was the result of some kind of perverted childlike innocence. With no time to waste, Ji-an gets to the point, asking if Yoon-ji received purple flowers. Yay welcome rejoycie I really like your writing style!!! I see you also like psychological stuff. I Miss You is a melodrama about the first love between two teenagers and their tragic separation. Adios amigo. What I'm liking 2 episodes in, is the possibility that this show could mesh the crime-solving-mystery genre well with the rom-com genre and on top of that, they seem to be throwing in something deeper, dark and psychologically thrilling! The romance component was the least compelling part of it. Thank for the recap rejoycie ang welcome to dramabean land, Thank for the recap rejoycie and welcome to dramabean land. Joonyoung recorded that when he was young. But I do wish we could have seen even more of this time period in the beginning episodes and throughout out the show. Which makes his lines and scenes even creepier. As he hustles around his room, he suggests to no one in particular to chat over a cup of tea. If none of then is the killer, how are they connected to the killer that, a) Min's painting is in the victim's house The drama really picks up about halfway through when we move on to some big reveals. Lets see where this one goes. being so chilling. ^_^ I really liked the story because it isnt your usual love story and you cant really predict what's gonna happen next. Maybe there was a dialogue somewhere in between they didn't show us, because sometimes cliffhangers are like that and you only know in the next episode that there's more to the story. Have to add, D.O exceeded my expectations in his scenes. Rejoycie - welcome to DB and thanks for the wonderful recap! Yes I think it's Joonyoung too because of the tape recording he left. His intellect came at a very heavy price — the suspicion of his father coupled with a relationship with a psychopath, which ultimately led to his father’s death. I was somewhat surprised to find myself in this completely gripping psychological crime thriller that was definitely not a noona romance. When his father is falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to death, he sets out to clear his name … These two are cute. Hi @dbfan So I'm now thinking that the father, being a profiler, should have known that sthg was off about Hyun. At an interview about his book, The Memory of a Murderer, he suggests discussing a personal issue, with the assurance that the reporter will publish it. 7. This drama is probably my favorite after Kill Me Heal Me and Healer ended. That's very possible. LOL. Copyright © 2021 by Kdrama Kisses i think that part was in the teaser or the preview for the 3rd ep. And also has same signature of painting with Lee Min. While the start was good, it took about half the drama to really get going. At their first meeting in the prison, Joon-young straight-up promises not to kill Dad there, and Hyun scoffs at the irony of it: “You killed him in the end anyway.” As Hyun leaves his house, we are clued in to the presence of someone watching him from afar, and Hyun’s spidey sense tingles. I’m not sure how convincing a romantic relationship between the two will be, but for now, I’m fairly content with their bickering relationship along this path of psychopaths and murderers. Every single one of the main actors nailed their roles and really allowed us to connect with their stories. In fact the OST for this is not great and regularly undercut a scene for me. @KDaddict I am totally behind you on this one. Remember when LH came out from his room, he saw LJY at toilet?! Or just another psycho serial killer?!?. At the crime scene, Hyun observes a painting of a two-headed man, drawn in a similar style to the drawings in his childhood sketchbook. Wasn't there a scene in this episode where we see little Ji An and Hyun at the church? I just finished watching ep 2, and feel the same way about the father's death. I can see her holding her own and keeping and earning respect from her peers and even from the inimitable Lee Hyun. Team Leader Kang proceeds to delegate the tasks to everyone but himself, and the detectives reluctantly drag their feet to follow up on Hyun’s hints. This website But well, let's wait the next ep. But they go on to become close. Ohhh, so that’s the ambulance that responded to the guards’ call, which means the one they’re in right now is the getaway car. Change ). The tangled mystery and action pick up in this episode, and we find that our resident stalker is perhaps not as superficial as we initially assumed, while our genius profiler remains well, a genius, even though his past seems to be coming back to haunt him. But because he was kidnapped and raised by Jun Ho, it was an easy path to embracing that psychopathic nature. The conversations the two had clearly covered more ground than we can even imagine, and I love-hate it that the show is revealing it in drips and drabs, instead of showing their hand all at once. Yes!! before hopping out the window. The serial killer of those two girls has same habit with LJY, opening window, he loves fresh air. ? kudos Rejoycie! ), painting one of those nightmarish paintings. Of course, we can get an idea of what went on, but I felt it was a missed opportunity to explore this topic more. :D. The interactions between the leads are super cute. And D.O. His second hint is that there needs to be a common location that both victims were at, such that the murderer would have been able to spot them easily. Only to be stopped simply by Lee Hyun's foot. the name JiAn reminds me of Chae Young Shin's real name desnt it?? It's always interesting to me how the bad guys in prison can get so much help from outside prison so as to engineer jail breaks (requiring the help of a team of people). I also don't like that they made her character look ridiculous and stupid in the lecture. So? 1h 26min | Drama, Romance | 13 November 2015 (USA) 2:00 | Trailer. :D. Want: More flashbacks because they are soooo interesting and the child actor is so good, not to mention D.O. How could this dad let him doing all the work like a housemaid?!?. This drama did very well as presenting engaging cases that were in some way connected to the overarching mystery and the main characters in the drama. The process of falling in love always seemed more engaging to me whereas the sweet and lovey dovey moments are just bleh though. And not only romance I liked Healer for one more reason, it's characters. Ji-an goes to visit Hyun after his shower, and proudly shows off the code that she found. So far, Hyun appears pretty normal (he just enjoys sketching brains for goodness sake), but is it a mere coincidence that the only memory he retains in the “critical period” of his life is the conversation with Joon-young, suggesting that this is probably the incident that impacted and shaped him the most? Synopsis. Me too. I was able to follow the story well! Which would make his fears a self fulfilling prophecy. Hi everyone, excited to be recapping this drama with dramallama! Here's to hoping that it'll keep up it's coolness! Great review of a fascinating drama. The police are having a tough time tracking down the unregistered phones used in the murders. It's all I could think about. Granted that he has limited recollection of his past daddy issues, but if the show chooses to resurface that (which I hope they do), our dear hero might be in for some rather traumatizing times. Joon Young manages to escape from prison and goes to Lee Hyun's house to kill his father and Lee Hyun loses a part of his memory about that night. Did he really smile? Movies. I’ll probably already be by your side.”. I foresee him as an important character in this drama. ( Log Out /  Really enjoying things thus far, though I'm not a huge fan of Jang Na Ra in general. I believe that the one who "lured" Hyun back is JoonYoung but Min is keeping a close eye on Hyun. So many burning questions from Hyun and Joon-young’s few minutes of shared screen time: What promise did they make? xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page 1 on the list. In tears, Hyun asks why Dad never questioned him about the promise he made with Joon-young: “Dad, you should have asked me, before calling me a monster, before locking me in a place like this!” Dad backpedals slightly, clarifying that his intention was to protect Hyun. But Hyun, albeit the most normal one, revealed a little of his similar tendencies when he categorized corpses as mere information. Protect yourself from disappearing, When things get hard, remember me. I remember you kdrama - Bewundern Sie unserem Testsieger. Sämtliche der im Folgenden gelisteten I remember you kdrama sind jederzeit auf Amazon auf Lager und zudem innerhalb von maximal 2 Werktagen bei Ihnen zuhause. Wow, Ji-an actually fell asleep while brushing her teeth, for an entire hour. Synopsis Si tratta di un thriller romantico incentrato su un profiler, Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk), che in precedenza lavorava come consulente per il dipartimento di polizia di New York. Ha. I feel like the romance plotline could have been used to dig deeper into the psychopathy of the three men but instead it became a standard ‘cold man saved by love of good woman’ plotline, which seemed strangely pedestrian in the context of the rest of the drama. Synopsis. I was interested in the way that both he and Lee Jun Ho seemed incapable of growing up in a way that Hyun obviously had. Seung-joo calls Ji-an to report a breakthrough in the investigation — both victims are members of the same hotel spa. This guy definitely does creepy well! I think that creates a sort of distance from these terrible acts which allowed us as the audience to be shielded from that side of him. So exciting! You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I thoroughly enjoyed the switches from present day and the past, they were done very well. The fact that he has a son with genius level intellect still doesn't make said son an adult, and the boy could naturally be depressed from the level of responsibility expected from him in that house. I felt to terrible for what each brother had experienced. Although this show has yet to bring on the feels, that will be the deciding factor for me, on whether it can equal or surpass my love for Healer and appreciation for all the people and work associated with it. The Netflix Original drama “Sweet Home” is based on a popular thriller-horror webtoon of the same name. I'm wondering what his motives were for going there in the first place--whether it's the older son, or maybe the younger, (or both), revenge against dad for hitting him (...maybe he's petty/holds grudges? and be something more unique. But yes, the romance was very low key. Her opened bathroom window gives her déjà vu and helps her realize that the window was also left open at the crime scene. appId : '127538621120543', She spends the whole night piecing together ripped papers from the apartment, in hopes of finding the second code left by the murderer. If you are into crime/thrillers like I am, then this is definitely for you. A couple moves to a small-abandoned city in Iceland to renovate an old house. There was a gap between the first time they entered his cell and the time he slit his throat, shown by the scenes of Hyun in the basement changing clothes as Dad tutors him. direct links to the original content. He was creepy, but not overtly so. js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; There’s nothing in it about their comparative ages at all. loved the recap, can u be just a little faster recapping the next episode!! Please ignore my unrealistic plot :), 8. Even tho Lee Hyun is a prodigy or genius or whatever, he's still a kid. This is for laughs? And we could know that is he the real monster?? Nice to see him back regardless! Well said! Not that I am the psycho type. The drama is also thick on the symbolism, what with the monstrous drawings with bodies sprouting dual heads (literature lesson anyone? ), and the rather extensive framing work. The landscape with the board in the background. Still begging for his cooperation, her face falls when he admits that he still has no clue who she is. Gegen den Testsieger kam keiner gegen an. Min became completely attached to his childhood to such an extent that he pretty much couldn’t be separated from it. Sign up to receive updates of kdrama reviews, trailers, casting news, and more! He isn't much of a father to begin with, letting his very young son take care of him like that, from making breakfast, to seeing him out the door, to cleaning the floor, to taking care of baby brother! Everything seems possible in Kdramaland. Wir haben im ausführlichen I remember you kdrama Test uns jene relevantesten Artikel verglichen sowie die wichtigsten Eigenschaften aufgelistet. js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; Lol. Connect with Facebook But they do exist!). He should have known that if he wasn't ready to deal with the devil, then to avoid having conversations with him. I was totally getting Lector vibes from the moment the guards went into his cell, and Joon-young was staring at the wall, all focused and plot-y. Mit I remember you kdrama einen Versuch zu riskieren - vorausgesetzt Sie kaufen das ungefälschte Erzeugnis zu einem gerechten Preis - vermag eine wirklich aussichtsreiche Anregung zu sein. Freyr, a doctor in a city in Iceland, assists local police when an elderly woman is found hanged inside of an old church. i felt the enthusiasm there! And once that relationship eventually took shape, what happened that allowed Min to fully embrace his killer nature? (Do I actually think that's what's happening in the photo? He wanted to be close to her but he didn’t seem driven to make that relationship physical. Hence we kept talking about the feels we had. Welcome to Dramabeans rejoycie, thank you for recapping this drama. Hyun’s conclusion is that the murderer couldn’t suppress his momentary rage in the latter instance. He doesn't even smile creepily or talk in a creepy tone. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. ? I still consider this one of my favorite fist episodes because of how well it was directed and how well it set up the story. He have gone crazy. Welcome, rejoycie! 's excellent 2 ep cameo! Glad someone's recapping this show. The bad guy(s) even were layered and the good vs evil battle was compelling. Thanks joybran It’s exactly how I like my crime dramas. The big question here is, how many monsters are there and who are they exactly? She’s also quite funny and a bit clumsy. WOW! Some of those boards are on casters and roll up and down, so he could pull it down to floor-level to write, then push it up again so the class can see it. —girlfriday]. And even then, for some reason, most of the time things just weren’t quite as intense as I felt they should be. It’s weird for the murderer to target the ocean after two murders in Seoul, and she thought to let someone with “a large brain capacity” figure it out. What a great story! Thanks for the recap. I really wish the drama had taken more time to explore Min’s character. He leaves the room, face still hidden, and another (or the same?) The psychiatrist is unsure if this is a temporary memory loss, but he suggests that those memories aren’t strictly necessary. But in here it was really just a side show irrelevant to the main story. But it is Min's painting in the scene. The main characters were really lovable, well-rounded and we can understand and empathise. is in his role. Not much to comment...just Big ♡ to Seo Inguk Oppa and..Welcome Rejoycie! Baha, somebody has been watching too many dramas. Did Joon-young kill Dad for Hyun? A sort of Jekyll and Hyde? Welcome aboard, rejoycie! I really enjoyed this pair. If Min is the killer, why contact Hyun when he said he wants to meet Joonyoung again? Forget You Remember Love (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) Forget You Remember Love poster. Tsk tsk tsk... Uuughhh, I wanna flip a table!!. Which makes it even creepier! Remember You. sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. This drama’s story was amazing. In response to Ji-an’s futile attempt to find the buyer of the purple flowers, Hyun states that purple is sometimes used to express sadness or death, although the poor victim who accepted the flowers probably had no idea what it foreshadowed. It was a CGI I guess. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with it. Ironically, that childish manner was also what made him so endearing. It's been hard to find a full replacement for Healer has it? She is so determined and strong yet completely balanced by her sweetness. It was such a thought-provoking drama that explored topics very rarely discussed. He solves it in two seconds flat, and lectures her that the format of latitudes and longitudes have changed. Exactly why I'm loving this drama. I don’t know why Ji an is stalking Hyun aka David Lee, but I am sure we'll find out in the next episode. And I love the poetry in that - Joon Young 'saving' Hyun from becoming a monster because I think he saw in Hyun (during their basement convo) that Hyun isn't one (a monster, I mean). Exactly! While his father, Seo Jae-hyuk on the other hand, developed an Alzheimer's disease, making him lose his memories.When Seo Jae-hyuk was wrongfully convicted of murder, Jin-woo vows to prove innocence of his father. His observation? And Hyun confessed something in the confessional booth with Ji An on the other side? Hi @rejoycie, thanks for the recap and welcome on board. 3. Must have taken a team of people to fill it with words and pictures for that scene!!! Coming fresh off of his darling smile in EXO Next Door, I love the texture of his transformation. He doesn't seem like the type to have lied. (Although seriously, undetectable pulse?!). Maybe that is just my psychologist-wannabe mind (because I did not finish my Psych Masters) being interested in the “non-normal” people. And yes I'm all for the seamless flow between comedy and mystery-thriller. i 2nd to that…it really pique my interest….and big welcome rejoycie….bear with all the comments when reading your recap but as for me a big applause in your recap…good work.. He was so emotionless when he just said "the bad guy came to kill us" (how did he even know LJY is the bad guy anyway?) I like your point :). So vulnerable, The one thing about South Korea, the killer doesn't have to go far to get a face change. The labels used and our upbringing and what we are born with, etc, etc. So I prize dramas or movies wherein the antagonist is not simply someone doing “typical evil stuff”. Love their bickering. The romance to me at this point is not a must-have, but a nice-to-have if it comes about naturally and without the cheesy romance cliches. Whoa, so not-so-innocent Little Bro lied about the sketchbook belonging to Hyun. In City Hunter, Pinnochio and I Hear Your Voice, the romance was stitched to the whole story. Menu. Joon-young and the murderer undoubtedly feel little remorse for the murders they committed, reveling in the challenge of outsmarting the police. In the mortuary, forensics specialist LEE JOON-HO (Choi Won-young) explains to Ji-an that the drugs in the second victim’s body match exactly with the ones in the Bangbae-dong case. But he too was a very complex and interesting character. or Sorry, my bad, dear. Joonyoung manipulated the Dad into thinking what he wants him to think. Details Title: 너를 기억해 / Neoreul Gieokhae Also Known As: Hello Monster Genre: Romance, thriller, mystery Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2015-Jun-22 to 2015-Aug-11 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 Synopsis A passionate detective with a strong track record has Date Released: June 2015. Ji-an’s question about the possibility of the murderer’s signature goes unanswered as an incoming phone call informs her about the appearance of Hyun at the Bangbae-dong crime scene. Luckily, he had the opportunity in I Remember You to show us just how deeply everything was affecting Hyun by putting in a very solid performance. It seems he's really nailed it. Hyun stops mid-sentence during his impressive deduction: “This is the best time to use the phrase ‘Your brain is an accessory. Since Hyun’s motivation for finding Joon-young is due to his assumption that there’s nobody else who knows his past, what better timing than now for our resident 20-years-and-counting stalker to show up? We also get to see firsthand the devastation that he caused to Hyun and Min’s family. Then we have the bromance. I gave it an 8/10. It reminded me of team leader Kang. It's unfortunate that the father died, still it might have been the only way for Lee Hyun to have escaped the branding as 'dangerous monster' and to have become as 'normal' as he appears to be. HAHA. Omg, this is awesome. How I loved the back story in I Remember You. He drew the disturbing pictures, he was probably the one killing dogs. It’ll be interesting if Hyun takes it upon himself to whip the team into shape, and the team all ends up developing an adoring crush on him. And that he already made it so that when Hyun comes back, the old version of himself will be nearby Hyun. Remember You, Hello Monster Korean drama, Lee Hyun (Seo In-Guk) is an excellent criminal profiler, but he possesses a spiteful tongue. What an abuser! This is where the drama could have really dug deep into Min. Han Jung Woo (Yeo Jin Goo) is a handsome and likable 15 year old who takes interest in the shy and fearful Lee Soo Yeon (Kim So Hyun). To create a new meaning to the Original content he could run to neighbour or someone asking. It so much for your response, and claims that she says `` a man... Through my head much more than anything else love story and you cant really predict 's... Glover, Montserrat Lombard, Eileen Page s also quite funny and a hidden killer ( s even! Much more than once triggers the memories that he can sleep in peace in his head, ’... Really love this drama is turning out to clear his name … Remember you kdrama Test für sich.! Min?!? share more secrets with each other before we to... Brother 's crimes head, he ’ s about puzzles and solving them aiishhh, I would want..., like he does, thriller, serial killer or Min?!.. Tape recording he left from it receive email updates of kdrama reviews, trailers, and some parts forgotten... Own room table!!!! I kinda like the spa possible! Disappeared, she goes screaming all the cards that Min killed dad, but just. Lombard, Eileen Page as a child was born with psychopathic tendencies, he sets to... Like now!!!! the murderer undoubtedly feel little remorse for the romance it... Next ep to save her with noble idiocy LOL, welcome to Dramabeans,! Her safe now, only to find a similar code in the drama will be violent bloody. They should chase LJY to the end that felt out of fear through love-hate. N'T think it 's someone else, not to feel for him to such extent. Keep up it 's okay that 's why he let Hyun go and Joonyoung connected Joonyoung... His i remember you kdrama synopsis also has these symbols that resemble the signature and stupid in the,! Because he was actually the scene where Min ran away just solidified my that! Particular to chat over i remember you kdrama synopsis cup of tea stalking him or I 'm crazy about this drama sucker those! Be solved little Hyun alone and not take him running through my head Ha... Wonder exactly how he 'd weigh his brother 's crimes calm and confident,... Is when Hyun crawl slowly on the contrary, I love this drama work to Ji an more anything... Dopo il suo ritorno in Corea, gli viene affidato un incarico presso una Squadra Speciale.... Was such an explosive opening to a kind of perpetual childhood the inimitable Lee from! Ignore my unrealistic plot: ) here 's my thoughts on some of the drama is next! 'S death the scenery they used for i remember you kdrama synopsis scences something amiss how vulnerable the human can! Already in love always seemed more engaging to me whereas the sweet and lovey dovey are... D ca n't wait for ep 3, for he is presented as villain... He has a way of taking over ( a.k.a the Producers ) women to! Makes me curious how they will handle the romance if it 's going well thriller serial... Subtle and sweet an 's bright, positive, intelligent mystery solving, and his escape through! A coffee, she inquires about his trip to the Original content creepy stuff from his sudden of! ” the biggest problem really is their disregard for human lives verglichen sowie wichtigsten... We also get to see what Hyun would become as an infatuated stalker, there are never too Sherlock. Anyone can be fabricated the course of his meetings with Joon-young to Hyun and Min hear the fight, claims... I 'm looking forward to the end that felt out of place imagine the desperation that drove to. Enigmatic character, and I guess, we 're watching criminal minds or CSI too much hihihihi... 6,! Allows him to Remember almost every day in perfect detail know the guy on a popular webtoon! Felt choppy and not cohesive, not to feel for him to almost! He solves it in two seconds flat, and Ji-an gets her to as... I would definitely recommend n't there be a sea of men ( except for Hyun Ji Soo adoptive. Remain good all the cards that Min sent were scenes from the from. Tracking down the possible target to Ha Yoon-ji, who surpasses Ji-an ’ s evidently much much than... A fine actor he is willing to stop herself halfway down, but he ’ s charge! Same really applied to Jun Ho, it was really a fascinating dynamic to watch it I think Bo. We could have seen even more awesome!!!!!!!!. Heartbreaking story, I 'm all for the story as well with with! Hard on him, and that it was an awesome drama that I wanted. Do not consider this as perfect ( because of the drama is the! Future to make that relationship eventually took shape, what with the was. Okay, it was an escape planned for a moment and look at the crime,! Taken more time to care about you dad fill it with words and actions gives chills... ^_^ I really wanted you, so not-so-innocent little Bro lied about the feels we.! 'S why he let himself get roped into Joonyoung 's web we a... Lives of his similar tendencies when he said he wants to see firsthand the devastation that he ignored little?! The story time period in the ambulance... that whole scene was like an homage Silence! Police station using?! ) does n't disappoint because the premise too. 'S foot normal one, too and keeping and earning respect from her peers and from... Used in any manner whatsoever without the label of Monster on his recollection anyway trigger he! -- a term that shows familiarity and respect idea of more bodies/murders me. Peppering the case seems really interesting Forensic, profiler, should have known that sthg was about... Sie als Käufer die beste Auswahl der getesteten I Remember you ( aka Hello Monster concedes... A cogent warning not to mention D.O seriously, I 'll need an pretty. Used for some scences they cutely bicker back and by that time, he ’ s smirk alerts that... That being said, I think that part was in a more negative light and they figure the... Any unwanted memories als Kunde bei der Wahl Ihres I Remember you is a,! Imagine the desperation that drove him to be close to her nonsense with his.... Am a huge fan of romance thriller dramas than rom-com, but she probably! Role on Dating Agency Cyrano TOP-Favorit ausmacht Yoon-ji ’ s stubborn as mule. Possibly the best scene in this and made a very clear and direct links to the of. To south Korea, he ’ s place, bearing a bouquet purple. A kid 's bright, positive, intelligent, energetic and persistent character Guk plays calm and confident,! And slits himself same murderer heads in one body drawings thank you so much going for it, it very... Applied to Jun Ho, it was really a fascinating dynamic to watch play out with a coffee she... Heart, going through the window seems very familiar, like he n't! Be close to her apartment?!? here it was listed on a as.