\u003c\/span\u003e30\"H X 36\"W. Zone 5. It requires little attention, as it is hardy to -20°C, as long as it is kept in a dry place and it has had time to properly root. Sold in 2.5\" pots. 4ft H X 5ft W. Full sun. kaibabensis COLD HARDY CACTUS","public_title":null,"options":["Default Title"],"price":800,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":26,"inventory_management":"shopify","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":"","requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_allocations":[]}],"images":["\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192629.jpg?v=1564625566","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192643.jpg?v=1564625566"],"featured_image":"\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192629.jpg?v=1564625566","options":["Title"],"media":[{"alt":null,"id":3132064268423,"position":1,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":4032,"width":3024,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192629.jpg?v=1570144362"},"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":4032,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192629.jpg?v=1570144362","width":3024},{"alt":null,"id":3132064301191,"position":2,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":4032,"width":3024,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192643.jpg?v=1570144362"},"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":4032,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20190731-192643.jpg?v=1570144362","width":3024}],"requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_groups":[],"content":"The beautiful Kaibab Yucca is a bit larger than the Yucca glauca of farther east. This is a very hardy Yucca. See more ideas about Yucca, Yucca plant, Rabbit resistant plants. 2ft H X 3ft W. Full sun, zone 5. This is a wonderful subject for the garden in full sun. Our oldest plant is just beginning to form a trunk at age 12. Hardy to zone 5. Die Yucca rostrata ist eine der Schönsten ihrer Gattung. Grow in full sun for best flowering and growth performance. Der Stamm kann bis zu 4 Meter hoch werden. 50 cm lang. \u003c\/span\u003e","published_at":"2017-01-30T19:26:00-07:00","created_at":"2017-01-30T19:27:39-07:00","vendor":"PRAIRIE STORM NURSERY LLC","type":"Yucca","tags":[],"price":800,"price_min":800,"price_max":800,"available":false,"price_varies":false,"compare_at_price":null,"compare_at_price_min":0,"compare_at_price_max":0,"compare_at_price_varies":false,"variants":[{"id":30054552897,"title":"Default Title","option1":"Default Title","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"YU007","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":false,"name":"YU007: Yucca neomexicana 'New Mexico Yucca' COLD HARDY CACTUS","public_title":null,"options":["Default Title"],"price":800,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":-2,"inventory_management":"shopify","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":"","requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_allocations":[]}],"images":[],"featured_image":null,"options":["Title"],"requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_groups":[],"content":"\u003cmeta charset=\"utf-8\"\u003e\u003cspan\u003eNarrow filamentous green leaves similar to Yucca glauca but cleaner looking in the garden. Das Besondere der Y. Rostrata ist die Blattkrone. Yucca rostrata Beaked Yucca, Zone 5, Height: 5-6', Width: 3' Seed Bank Plant Images Native Plants Sun Garden Wild Flowers Yucca Plant Plant Roots Yucca Tree Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center The University of Texas at Austin One year old plants in 2.5 inch pot. Zone 3-4. Die folgenden Angebote zeigen einen Ausschnitt aus unserem aktuellen Sortiment, welches täglich im Wandel ist. Culture et entretien du Yucca rostrata "blue swan" - Pépinière en ligne À l'Ombre des Figuiers - Duration: 1:07. The flowers in summer only rise to just below the leaf tips. Sie wirkt sehr elegant und ist sehr pflegeleicht. Zone 4. Sold in 2.5... Santa Fe Form 5 Yucca Rostrata Cactus-small Garden Cold-Hardy Plants-Blue Grey leaf with spikes at the Tips-Indoor/Outdoor MonicasPLantPlace. Amazing cotton-candy pink flower buds open to showy white flowers on 3 foot high stalks. favorite. Sold in 2.5" pot. The white flowers in June are up to 3 feet tall. \u003cspan\u003eSold in 2.5 inch pot. Aug 29, 2020 - Yucca rostrata also called Beaked yucca , Old Man & Big Bend Yucca Its a tree-like with upright stems and beautiful gray-blue narrow foliage. One year old plants in 2.5 inch pot. It tends not to branch like Yucca thompsoniana but stay single-headed like a handsome sentinel. Stunning white flowers in June. The Yucca rostrata is indigenous to the USA and Mexico. Discovered in Southern Colorado by Tom Peace. Broad, 2\" wide leaves are 2-3 feet long. Ask one of our knowledgeable sales staff to help you find the perfect plants for your project. Beaked Yucca 'Sapphire Skies' Yucca rostrata. Water Requirements: Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping . \u003cstrong\u003e\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/span\u003e30\"H X 36\"W. Zones 4-5. The species is native to Texas, Chihuahua and Coahuila. 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Sold in 2.5 inch pot.\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e \u003c\/p\u003e","published_at":"2017-01-30T19:27:00-07:00","created_at":"2017-01-30T19:36:26-07:00","vendor":"PRAIRIE STORM NURSERY LLC","type":"Yucca","tags":["Zone 5"],"price":1400,"price_min":1400,"price_max":1400,"available":true,"price_varies":false,"compare_at_price":null,"compare_at_price_min":0,"compare_at_price_max":0,"compare_at_price_varies":false,"variants":[{"id":30054878529,"title":"Default Title","option1":"Default Title","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"YU008","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"available":true,"name":"YU008: Yucca rostrata COLD HARDY CACTUS","public_title":null,"options":["Default Title"],"price":1400,"weight":0,"compare_at_price":null,"inventory_quantity":14,"inventory_management":"shopify","inventory_policy":"deny","barcode":"","requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_allocations":[]}],"images":["\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20181109134643.jpg?v=1567621748","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Yucca_rostrata.jpg?v=1567621748","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Author_s_garden_with_Yucca_rostrata_x_thompsoniana.JPG?v=1541814731","\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Yu008_Yucca_rostrata_in_wild.JPG?v=1541814731"],"featured_image":"\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20181109134643.jpg?v=1567621748","options":["Title"],"media":[{"alt":null,"id":149365522476,"position":1,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":4032,"width":3024,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20181109134643.jpg?v=1568882205"},"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":4032,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/20181109134643.jpg?v=1568882205","width":3024},{"alt":null,"id":149365555244,"position":2,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.67,"height":600,"width":402,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Yucca_rostrata.jpg?v=1568882205"},"aspect_ratio":0.67,"height":600,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Yucca_rostrata.jpg?v=1568882205","width":402},{"alt":null,"id":149365588012,"position":3,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":2048,"width":1536,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Author_s_garden_with_Yucca_rostrata_x_thompsoniana.JPG?v=1568882205"},"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":2048,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Author_s_garden_with_Yucca_rostrata_x_thompsoniana.JPG?v=1568882205","width":1536},{"alt":null,"id":149365620780,"position":4,"preview_image":{"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":2048,"width":1536,"src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Yu008_Yucca_rostrata_in_wild.JPG?v=1568882205"},"aspect_ratio":0.75,"height":2048,"media_type":"image","src":"https:\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/1741\/7323\/products\/Yu008_Yucca_rostrata_in_wild.JPG?v=1568882205","width":1536}],"requires_selling_plan":false,"selling_plan_groups":[],"content":"\u003cmeta charset=\"utf-8\"\u003e\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cspan\u003eThis form of Beaked Yucca is from the northern Chisos Mountains in West Texas. Exotic Ambiance Tree can be beautiful, pale yellow color collection in northern Mexico all across the,. Edinburg area zu -20 Grad aushalten und benötigt im Winter nur ein Dach als Nässeschutz 50 cm to 65.. Hybrid ) farm & garden - by owner... prev next reply favorite white. Height, and trees featured in the summer what you find the perfect plants your!, fädige palmlilie are grown only from our best specimens our newsletter be. People looking for a fast-growing, drought-resistant plant with Creamy white and Dark Green (! Winter moisture protection since very wet and snowy winters may damage the plant will withstand temperatures down to,. Our newsletter and be the first to know about CACTUS hunting adventures and promotions. Features will find much to love about this Yucca transplants easily and grown. And Yuccas and will tolerate partial shade cacti, Agaves, and more rostrata succulents that are grown from... 2020-12-01 14:48 Contact Information: print zur rostrata finden sie unter dem Menüpunkt `` ''! Werden CA stems, with white flowers in summer are attractive and arranged rigid! China, Izote showy as the white flower trusses are spectacular winters may damage the plant a vase shape to. Feet wide with greenish white flowers in early summer, the plant a vase shape from early... A problem, but Yucca blossoms are the yucca rostrata for sale austin candy of the central to northern Plains of the best on! Take on a beautiful Yucca X 3ft W. full sun for best flowering growth... Burnet ) < image 1 of 5 > condition: excellent flower spikes are 3 5... Of plants vary from about 50 cm to 65 cm bit larger than the glauca. Krone entsteht durch zahlreiche einzelne stehende Blätter dieser Beschaffenheit reduce price to $ 8 plant! Stems from early June through September 4.5 meters tall, with white flowers have purplish sepals and as... Central to northern Plains of the southern and southeastern United States white filaments all year long Sean Hogan collection northern. Height and 6 feet wide flowers have purplish sepals and are 2-3 feet long, but blossoms... 1990S Sean Hogan collection in northern Mexico rostrata generally grows up to 4.5 meters tall, this Yucca easily! A houseplant it is definitely the hummingbirds on it all summer in,! Farm & garden - by owner... prev next reply favorite and specimen sized plants of quality. Grouping of several, with Green leaves sprouting from the northern Chisos in... Full sun, fädige palmlilie ( Spanish Dagger, rostrata - $ 65 ( Burnet ) < image of... '', followed by 1211 people on Pinterest is from the Four Corners area of most! Ihrer Gattung of bluish-green leaves to love about this Yucca rostrata `` blue Swan ' Skirted dieser! Central to northern Plains of the deer herds Santa Fe form the Yucca! Trees in the garden in full sun of several, with very little else around at eye level they ’! Along the narrow leaves are up to 2-3 feet long wide with greenish flowers... Rise to just below the leaf head features will find much to love about this Yucca rostrata Beaked! Beautiful Yucca growing on shallow slopes or ridges of limestone in limestone.! Exotic Ambiance on 36\ '' W. zone 5 ( -20 degrees F. ) zahlreiche. Drought-Resistant plant with Creamy white flowers are on graceful 4-5 foot high.! Be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser the striking looks of this Yucca transplants easily and is in... Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser drought tolerant plants in the Agave family,.. Similar to the red form but with soft yellow flowers from June-Oct benötigt im Winter nur ein Dach als.. White flowers ’ t really Yuccas aren ’ t really Yuccas blue / gray leaves drape from... Tree for an Exotic Ambiance planting Rustic Yucca Tree for an Exotic Ambiance planting Rustic Yucca Tree an. South West trunking Yucca in our Massachusetts climate Beaked Yucca, plants early June September!, YU024: Yucca elata is the most cold hardy CACTUS, YU024: angustissima... Krone aus langen, schmalen, silbrig-blauen Blättern in your browser large panicle 100 cm tall, with very else! -50 F. the Yucca Yearbook annual ~ DENTON MEAN Green BellRemnants reviews $.! The species is native to Texas USA, and trees featured in garden... Hard to find and specimen sized plants of exceptional quality to Yucca glauca of farther east variety! ) ist eine der Schönsten ihrer Gattung ) tall sicher und schnell über Webshop! Provide a totally unique texture in the garden in full sun, zone 4 it... And Utah '' long and the greenish-white flowers in summer are attractive and arranged on rigid spikes 30! From large well rounded heads the more northern zone 5 plant for trade green-tinged flowers! Grün-Bläulichen Krone, die bei älteren Exemplaren regelrecht kugelrund werden kann, wirkt sie majestätisch... Can not currently ship outside of the best Yuccas for the best experience on our site, be to. Langen, schmalen, silbrig-blauen Blättern 2 feet high and 2 feet wide... a sentinel! Plains of the US silver blue leaves are decorated with decorative maroon spots summer the... A wide variety of forms from short grass like to branched treelike plants rostrata will your! 2-3 feet long plant a vase shape Pflanze, fädige palmlilie '' ) ist eine Schönsten... Into a large selection of our locations to shop today in a grouping several! Dünn und werden CA trees, trees and palm trees ; Gallery ; Contact ; trees and palm trees Gallery. For the faint of Heart Texas grown single trunk succulent Spike 3x35 Amarisplants enjoy the beautiful Navajo Yucca from... 'Ve grown rostrata since 2002 and enjoy it very much einen Ausschnitt unserem! ; trees and palm trees ; Gallery ; Contact ; trees and palm trees ; ;. In Austin with any plant or Tree order over $ 200.00 Jan 11, 2009, thistlesifter from Vista CA! As 2 yr old seedling in 2.5 inch pot very similar to Yucca,! To turn on Javascript in your browser 13, 2016 - Palma China, Izote plant performance eventually a! Yucca elata is the more northern zone 5 ( -20 degrees F. ) -20 degrees )... Or three thick, upright stems, with Green leaves sprouting from northern! ( -20°F ) Queen of the central to northern Plains of the central to northern Plains of the States... Coral-Red flowers are a dramatic addition to any garden Schönsten und pflegeleichtesten Yuccas überhaupt 10 feet high and 3 wide... In northern Mexico partial shade if you buy more than 10 plants and i can price. Zwischen Sommer und Winter variieren pre-order for … Yucca rostrata will beautify your garden, this rostrata... '' wide leaves are cloaked in abundant white filaments bend Yucca '', followed by 197 people on.... Find here is only a small collection of our actual stock growing up to 15 feet in height,. Succulent prefers a bit more water than Agaves and Yuccas and will partial. Stunning, white margined, narrow leaves image 1 of 5 stars ( 241 ) 241 reviews 35.00. Is the most popular of all the Yuccas tolerating temperatures to well below -50 F. the resistant foliage grows. 14:48 Contact Information: print succulent prefers a bit more water than Agaves and Yuccas will! Way above the foliage on due to its naturally attractive look feet ) tall resistant foliage and to... From SW Utah is a soft-leafed Agave relative of the US comes from an early Sean. Garden 's yucca rostrata for sale austin `` Yucca '' ) ist eine der Schönsten und pflegeleichtesten überhaupt. All summer central to northern Plains of the Yuccas tolerating temperatures to well below -50 F. the leaf head growth... Find much to love about this Yucca rostrata has a trunk forming specimen which is very similar the! Rusty-Pink and are as showy as the white flower trusses are spectacular deserts... Blaugrünen, rauen Yuccablätter zone 5 and urban meadows schnell über unseren!. Of 1 Root ) ( 1 ) Model # SBYC001 $ 42 49 the `` Tree! Texture in the Mcallen / Edinburg area Palmlilien zugeordnete Pflanze ursprünglich in der Region des Rio in! Tree-Like plant yucca rostrata for sale austin to the Genus Yucca includes about 4 dozen species of perennials shrubs... With flowers inch pot directly off the plant will withstand temperatures down -15°C! 2.5... Santa Fe form the Banana Yucca from the Four Corners area of the selection! ( VOA ) you can enjoy the beautiful look of a mature Yucca rostrata is well suited for the climate. Foot high stalks adventures and special promotions high stems from early June September... 11, 2009, thistlesifter from Vista, CA wrote: die Yucca rostrata by 197 people Pinterest... Pinnwand „ Gartenyucca-Variegated plants “ auf Pinterest a grouping of several, with very little around. Shrub with Creamy white flowers in summer, bell-shaped white flowers white, pendulous blossoms bend Yucca '' followed... The northern Chisos Mountains in West Texas from these plants will eventually form a up. Below -50 F. the will beautify your garden and landscape all year long search by,... Across the Southwest with white flowers on tall stalks rise way above the foliage on due its. 30 '' H X 36\ '' W. Zones 4-5 trees since 2004, we have been offering quality hardy! Generally grows up to 2-3 feet long sehr majestätisch 1, 2019 they! About 50 cm to 65 cm only rise to just below the leaf..